President's Message

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Executive Committee

Mr. Wong Kin Ping, Davis 


It was a pleasure to be re-elected as the President of The Federation of Hong Kong Property Management Industry (FHKPMI). At that time, in the aftermath of social events, the rapid spread of the global epidemic seriously affected the economy and people's livelihood of Hong Kong. I was afraid the lead the FHKPMI with my own voice in how to protect the interests of the industry and give back to the society.

Fortunately, the eleven months, through all the members of the executive committee of selfless dedication, the associate members concerted action, FHKPMI in Hong Kong not only played an important role during the disease resistance, more make the improved status in the Industry, President message of today, in fact it is the eleven months work report, praise all of you for your hard work during this time.

1) 5th Wave of COVID-19

In Particular, I remember that on Lunar New Year’s eve, When everyone is dried gets home New Year's Eve family dinner, I received a call from Mr. Mickey Yan, MH, JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Services Trade Alliance to requesting immediate anti-epidemic support to Kwai Chung Village. From this moment, the anti-epidemic road of Covid-19 begins, Home Affairs Department, Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong Coalition(CIIF) and New People’s Party (Hon Tony Tse Wai-chuen, BBS, JP) Supplies of anti-epidemic items to frontline staff and residents and distributed through federation, the warmth of the carbon in the snow melted the all hearts.

During Covid-19, FHKPMI hasn’t forgotten to fight for the industry to defend rights, actively strive for frontline staff to the government once more disease resistant allowance.

2) Property Management Licensing Regime

The Property Management licensing regime is nearing its end, there is still a year to go, all property management services companies must hold a valid licence issued by the PMSA to operate, towards a new era of professionalism. FHKPMI is optimistic and convene more than 30 member companies to submit their licencses to PMSA on 30 May 2022. Moreover, personally supported by Chairperson (Hon Tony Tse Wai-chuen, BBS, JP) for the members to lay a strong heart.

To cooperate for applicable PMC licence, the property management companies must engage a number of full-time licensed PMPs that meets the minimum manning ratios specified by the PMSA. Therefore, we cooperated with PolyU SPEED to the Certificate in Property Management for Provisional Property Management Practitioner (Tier 1) Licence and independent courses for FHKPMI member. Due to the respond enthusiastically, The 2nd recruit of students is currently being held.

Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) offsetting

Spanning two terms Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the FHKPMI has repeatedly propose “Revised Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)” offsetting, the system has been maintained for many years and will be rescheduled in 2025.

The revised fixed monthly salary contract, which is unfavorable to the extreme labor-intensive property management industry, wages in the industry account for more than 80% of the company's overall operating costs. Is higher than other industries. The Government uses a uniform Refined Subsidy Scheme approach for different industries, which dealt a major blow to the business environment of the industry. FHKPMI will continue to maintain contact with relevant government departments, Organizing more seminars, forums and lectures and disseminating more information to the outside communicate to make the public more aware of the plight of the property management industry.

4) Leading the FHKPMI forward

“Technology by the world popular “, FHKPMI understands, so starting in 2021, To support the International Property Management and Procurement Expo, encourage the same trade broadening of horizons and with the times. Since the implementation of the minimum wage, there is a growing shortage of low skilled workers in Hong Kong. In addition, Migration tide in the past two years, even upper-middle positions are losing. This situation, businesses also responded to Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Mr. John KC Lee towards development of the intelligent and enhance competitiveness, build into a world smart city.

FHKPMI was invited to be a founding member of the Joint of the “Guangdong Association of Property and Facilities Management of Great Bay Area”. We hope to create a platform for FHKPMI members, able to go create a productive Hong Kong and enter the mainland market.


FHKPMI's mottoharmonious atmosphere will lead each other to professional innovation, In recent months, FHKPMI has been widely recognized by the industry, increased the number of members. We are not proud on the contrary more motivated.

Moving forward, we will continue to prosperity our local advantage in Hong Kong by collaborating.

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